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At Securus Financial, we are the “Total Advisor” to our clients. We don’t sell products, and we don’t offer out of the box solutions. We work with every individual to identify their current financial situation and future financial goals, developing a strategy to bridge that gap. As fiduciaries, our commitment to our clients is simple: We are honest, transparent, and will always look out for your best interests. Period. We use our low risk, low volatility approach to provide a sense of confidence and security for our client’s and their future. Our personal relationships allow us to identify the level of risk you are comfortable with, and ensure that your portfolio is managed based on that.

John Iammarino is a veteran of the financial services industry, a Certified Medicaid Planner, and a National Social Security Advisor. John founded Securus Financial to help retirees and soon to be retirees ensure that their retirements provide them with financial peace of mind and the security they need to enjoy their golden years.

At Securus Financial, we believe that our role as a “Total Advisor” is helping you understand your investments, and understand the strategy around those investments. Advising is not simply about telling people what to do with their money; it means helping them to see the bigger picture around why it’s important for them. Education is an important step in any advisor/client relationship, and we pride ourselves on ensuring each client is comfortable with that step before we move forward.

Our comprehensive approach to financial planning takes a look at what your retirement income needs will be and the ramifications of your investment choices. When advising clients, John looks at the 5 critical areas of planning:

  • Retirement Income & Social Security Maximization Planning
  • Advance Tax Planning & Minimization Strategies
  • Investment & Risk Management Strategies
  • Emergency Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

At Securus Financial, we believe the only way to have true peace of mind in retirement is to know that you have a comprehensive financial plan that balances your income needs with low risk investments, forward tax planning, social security planning as well as planning for the unexpected and the inevitable. It is John's belief that it is only when you have all aspects of a sound financial plan operating in sync that you can truly have security and peace of mind in retirement.