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John Iammarino of Securus Financial and Thomas O'Connell of International Financial Advisory Group, Inc. get together to discuss the key things you need to know about retirement. From coast to coast, their combined knowledge and experience creates a versatile show on financial planning. These long-time friends keep it honest and fun when it comes to staying on top of our finances.

Show Notes & More Episodes

Ep 67: Having Financial Awareness Eliminates Guesswork With Len Reiner

June 16, 2022

Len Reiner is the Founder and CEO of the Wealth and Wisdom Institute. His goal is to provide clients with information and knowledge that will help them when it comes to making decisions in their financial life. We will be discussing some concerning factors in the economic landscape right now and how being informed with the right knowledge can help you in your financial journey.

Ep 66: 6 Mistakes That Can Lead To A Failed Retirement

May 19, 2022

Retirement is a phase of life that you need to have a solid plan for. Of course, you need to have a reliable financial plan in order to fund your basic needs and activities you enjoy, but you should also plan for what you are going to do with all the free time you now have. John and Tom will be discussing common mistakes people fail to plan for and why this can lead to a failed retirement.

Ep 65: Protecting Your Assets With Tom Tyson

May 5, 2022

Tom Tyson joins us on this week’s edition of the podcast. Tom is the President and Founder of Coastal FInancial Group. The company focuses on creating customized asset protection plans in order to meet the needs of the clients they serve. We will be discussing commonly overlooked items in risk management, what the planning process looks like, and the dangers of going with a plan that offers the cheapest rate.

Ep 64: Retirement Planning For Small Business Owners With Steve Arnold

April 21, 2022

Steve Arnold is the CEO and Founder of Retirement Actuarial Services. His business specializes in helping small business owners retire with custom designed pension plans. We will be discussing some tax efficient strategies he has implemented within his client base and how he creates pension plans for small business owners looking to retire in the near future.

Ep 63: How Interest Rates Will Impact The Real Estate Market With Carlos Gutierrez

April 7, 2022

Carlos Gutierrez joins us on the podcast for this week’s episode. Carlos is a real estate agent at Carlos Sells San Diego. He brings his high level of expertise and knowledge to all of the buyers and investors he works with. Since interest rates are on the rise, we thought this would be a perfect time to bring Carlos to the show and discuss how this will affect the real estate market. He will also talk about common downsize mistakes and relocation considerations.

Ep 62: The Importance of Having A Personalized Estate Plan with Dan Weiner

March 24, 2022

Our guest this week is the owner of Weiner Legacy Law, Dan Weiner. In his practice, Dan helps families put together a personalized and comprehensive estate plan that meets their objectives and wishes. On today’s show we discuss the differences between a trust and will, the probate process, and why estate planning is so much more than just a pile of documents.

Ep 61: Generational Wealth Strategies With Nick Nardulli

February 24, 2022

Nick Nardulli joins us on this week’s podcast. Nick is the Founder and President of Family Defined Benefits. He strives to create comprehensive estate plans for his clients with a focus on passing down generational wealth. We discuss the consequences of overlooking estate planning, some recent law changes in the landscape, and strategies Nick uses in his practice.

Ep 60: Tax Planning With Mauro D’Amico

February 10, 2022

We invite Mauro D’Amico to sit down with us on today’s show. Mauro is the President & Founder of D’Amico Integrated Wealth Management. In his practice, he helps clients understand their current tax situation and help them build out a tax efficient plan for the future. We talk to Mauro about some of the misconceptions in regards to tax planning, strategies he implements in his business, and the importance of having a wholistic tax plan.

Ep 59: 2022 Economic Outlook With Mark DiOrio

January 13, 2022

Mark DiOrio, the Chief Investment Officer of Brookstone Capital Management joins us on today’s episode. Since we just turned the page to 2022, we thought this would be a great time to sit down and chat with Mark about what his economic expectations for the new year are and where he sees cryptocurrency going.

Ep 58: America‘s IRA Expert, Ed Slott

December 9, 2021

Ed Slott is a nationally recognized professional speaker, television personality, and best-selling author. He started his own business Ed Slott and Company, which has become one of the nation’s leading source of timely, accurate IRA expertise.

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